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Korea - ROK (South Korea) Insurance

One of Asia’s most affluent nations, South Korea offers a wealth of opportunities, experiences and landscapes. Though welcoming and peaceful, a central concern for visitors here is the historically unpredictable security situation with North Korea. Make sure that you have the right South Korea insurance in place before visiting or doing business in this fascinating country. 

South Korea insurance – quick facts

  • International health insurance in South Korea is advised, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • The typhoon season runs from June to November
  • Civil emergency exercises are held eight times a year

Possible dangers in South Korea

From leading edge technology to ancient temples and tombs, this is a country of incredible contrasts. The high energy of Seoul is infectious and exciting; in rural areas, time stands still.

Though improved during 2018, relations between North and South Korea still have the potential to deteriorate quickly. Keep updated with the situation and follow local advice. Nationwide civil emergency exercises take place eight times a year on the 15th day of the month – sirens sound, transport is stopped and you may be asked to shelter in basements or metro stations.

Although the crime rate against foreigners is generally low, pickpocketing, purse snatching, assault and burglary are more common in cities such as Seoul and Busan. Take sensible safety precautions and keep valuables secure, especially in tourist areas such as Itaewon and other large markets. Ensure your South Korea insurance provides appropriate levels of cover for your belongings.

For your personal safety, avoid walking alone after dark and use only officially marked taxis after public transport stops running. If possible, do not travel alone. Be aware that political and student protests can become confrontational and avoid areas where demonstrations are taking place.

Medical and dental care is usually good but can be expensive, so make sure your South Korea health insurance includes the cover you need. Do not drink local tap water. Bottled water is recommended.

The monsoon season is from late June until August. Severe rainfall and tropical cyclones can cause flooding, landslides and significant loss of life. Make sure you stay informed of regional weather forecasts and avoid disaster areas.

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