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Essential emergency cover in remote or high-risk regions

Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance is essential when going to work in remote, underdeveloped or high-risk regions of the world.

From oil and gas workers thousands of miles from the nearest medical facility, to administrators working in less developed countries, decent Emergency Evacuation insurance can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Bellwood Prestbury is an independent expert in Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance. We know which providers offer the best service in which region; we know how to negotiate competitively priced cover for people with pre-existing conditions. We have the capability to run large group schemes providing Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance for expats and locals in multiple locations throughout the world.

The right Emergency Evacuation insurance for your people

Not all Emergency Evacuation insurance is the same. Some international Evacuation insurance providers have better helicopter support in certain regions. Some own their own high quality private hospital facilities, so have better control over your treatment from early on. Some, we know from experience, are less willing to authorise repatriation than others. Some will pay for dependents to travel with your affected employees. Others may not.

We can quickly help you to find the right Emergency Evacuation insurance for your employees overseas. From war zones and active terrorist areas, to offshore oil and gas facilities, we can ensure that quality medical assistance, fully paid for, will never be far away.

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