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Export and Import insurance for your goods or services

When you export or import products and services, it is essential that you can rely on payment, should political upheaval or trade risks prevent delivery or expected reimbursement from your client. 

Export insurance and Import insurance arranged through Bellwood Prestbury provides compensation in the event that your goods or services are seized, lost or expropriated, cannot be delivered, or your customer fails to pay ­– due to political upheaval and unrest.

From regular exports or imports of finished goods, to the shipping of raw materials, plant and equipment for projects, or the provision of IT or engineering services to governments and development agencies, Export/Import insurance can provide peace of mind in politically unstable regions, anywhere in the world.

Bespoke A-rated export and import cover

Each bespoke policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London and with international company markets to protect against the specific risks in the country you are trading in, the nature of your goods and services and the profile of the customers you are dealing with.

From single contract, to multiple contract, named per risk and annual cover, we can create the policy you need to mitigate risk and help you to meet financing or contractual requirements.

We can also provide other relevant cover such as Overseas Operations, Finance and Lending and Fixed Investments insurance, to provide wider protection for all of your operations in less stable regions.