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Before travelling to this beautiful landlocked country in the Caucasus, make sure you have the right Armenia insurance. Inadequate medical facilities, run down infrastructure and the unresolved dispute with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh can present the visitor with a number of challenges and standard western insurance policies might not afford appropriate cover.

Armenia insurance – quick facts

  • An unresolved dispute with neighbouring Azerbaijan means that specialist insurance may be required if you are travelling to this border region
  • International health insurance in Armenia is strongly advised, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance and safety standards

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Potential problems in Armenia what risks might you encounter?

Armenia can boast one of the world’s oldest Christian civilisations and a rich cultural heritage born of the country’s position on the ancient Great Silk Road. Over the centuries its strategically important territory has been fought over and claimed by other powers, most recently by the Soviet Union until its rule collapsed in 1991.

Today, an unresolved dispute with neighbouring Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh continues to be a flashpoint of violence in Armenia and has included large-scale military involvement despite the official ceasefire declared in 2020. Personal Accident insurance with special war and terrorism provisions will be needed if you are planning to go to this border area.

Healthcare facilities are often inadequate and not equipped to deal with serious emergencies, so it’s imperative that you have Medical Evacuation provision as part of your medical insurance in Armenia. If you have business interests here, you might like to consider Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect imports, exports, business assets and trade liabilities.

In the capital, Yerevan, and other cities, political demonstrations can occur and have on occasion become confrontational. Crime, such as pickpocketing and burglary can be problem, and there are occasional shooting incidents involving organised crime. Although foreign nationals are not specifically targeted here, you are advised to remain vigilant and not to carry valuables.

Road travel has its dangers due to poor standards of both driving and road maintenance. You should also be aware that Armenian airlines might not comply with international safety standards.

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