International Humanitarian & NGO Insurance

Protecting NGOs in high-risk regions

  • Global Life and Personal Accident insurance providing international life and disability cover for your workers
  • International Medical insurance for medical expenses, evacuation and repatriation and Kidnap and Ransom insurance in known target areas
  • Product Liability insurance - protects against claims arising from damaged goods or contaminated foodstuffs provided as aid
  • Commercial General Liability insurance to cover potential claims for bodily injury or property damage
  • Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect overseas operations in unstable regions

Protecting your people, your assets and your organisation

Bellwood Prestbury provides Humanitarian insurance and NGO insurance covering organisations operating in hostile or remote territories, or working on potentially high-risk development projects overseas. We can help you to look after your people whilst protecting your reputation, anywhere in the world.

We provide insurance for international charities, NGOs and humanitarian organisations that work in high-risk areas where standard insurance may not be valid. We provide bespoke policies for organisation working in conflict zones and areas of of known terrorism like Afghanistan and Iraq and have provided NGO insurance for organisations working on UN contracts in South Sudan and Central African Republic.

We can create bespoke policies to include Trade and Political Risk insurance, mitigating for losses arising from insurgency or political instability and Overseas Operations insurance to compensate for the loss of any assets due to sanctions, embargoes, political unrest, war or terrorist activity. 

As an independent expert, we can help you to assess the risks involved in the projects you are working on. We can create bespoke policies to protect your people and help you to meet the requirements of local legislation and ensure you meet any contractual obligations.

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