Lender's Interest/Non-payment

Key Features

Protecting your investment in overseas projects

If you are lending to, or financing projects abroad, particularly in low or middle-income countries, Lender's Interest/Non-payment insurance can give you an invaluable additional layer of protection and mitigate your overall risk position.

Bespoke cover written specifically for the international deal you are negotiating will provide cover for interest lost if payments are disrupted by social unrest or other political events outside of the control of your borrower. This could include expropriation, confiscation, nationalisation, requisition, sequestration or forced divestment by law.

Backing provided by multiple underwriters

Each policy will give careful consideration to the specific risks in the country you are investing in, the nature of the business you are financing and the profile of the clients you are dealing with. As a Lloyd's Broker specialising in high-risk, remote or unstable regions, we are able to bring together multiple underwriters to share the risk, when necessary, helping to provide robust cover in complex territories, whilst keeping rates competitive.

Wider trade credit support

Bellwood Prestbury can also organise bespoke cover to protect your Finance and Lending and Fixed Investments such as land and property from the risks of political upheaval and violence, anywhere in the world.