Uzbekistan Insurance

For anyone travelling to Uzbekistan, insurance is an important consideration, particularly given the poor standard of available health care. If your work takes you to border areas with neighbouring countries, you should be aware that standard insurance is unlikely to be valid.

Uzbekistan insurance – quick facts

  • Landmines present risks in uncontrolled border areas
  • International health insurance in Uzbekistan is essential, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance and driving standards 

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Potential hazards in Uzbekistan

With its abundance of valuable mineral deposits, Uzbekistan is a draw for western business interests, engineers and skilled workers. Many find this a fascinating country to live and work in, but it is not without its dangers. Most border regions are to be avoided whenever possible. Well known as potential flashpoints for gunfire and sporadic violence, there is the additional risk of unexploded ordnance in uncontrolled border areas. Border crossings are often subject to closure at short notice.

For most expats living or working in Uzbekistan, the risks are more conventional. Roads are poorly surfaced and badly lit. Public transport like buses and taxis are not always maintained to the highest standards and road traffic accidents are common. If you are doing business here or you are importing exporting, Trade and Political Risk insurance may be worth considering.

If you are involved in any kind of accident or require serious medical care, you will find the health services in the cities are way below normal western standards and practically non-existent in outlying rural areas. Medical Evacuation as part of any Uzbekistan insurance is highly recommended.

Other significant safety risks in Uzbekistan are crime and the country’s position on a seismic fault. It should also be noted that ordinary western life insurance policies may well not be adequate and that specialist Uzbekistan insurance is recommended for extended residency.

You should be aware that any form of photography could upset the authorities. You should check before using a camera, especially near airports, border checkpoints, military barracks, police stations and metro stations. You also understand that though Uzbekistan has a secular constitution, it also has a deeply conservative Muslim society and its customs and traditions should be respected.

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Advice from the FCDO

The Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in the UK regularly updates its advice to British travellers about immediate risks.