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Investment insurance to protect overseas operations

Managed Foreign Direct Investments, Joint Ventures and Overseas Operating Companies in politically unstable regions need to protect their investments from political risk and violence.

Investment insurance from Bellwood Prestbury will provide compensation, should your foreign investments be expropriated or nationalised, or suffer selective discrimination from governments or authorities. Cover also includes prevention of access to assets or funds – or the inability to extract currency – as a result of political disruption and violence.

From hotels and hospitals to renewable power generation and water treatment, bespoke A-rated policies can be written to include specific risks associated with your business and the region you are operating in.

Investment insurance with crisis management support

Each Investment insurance policy, underwritten at Lloyd’s of London or relevant international company markets, also includes crisis management support, giving you 24/7 access to experienced professionals who can advise on wrongful detention, malicious prosecution, illegal occupation, blockades and other issues.

We can also provide other relevant cover such as Import and Export, Overseas Operations and Finance and Lending insurance, to provide wider protection for all of your operations in less stable regions.