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How Do You Protect Your Vehicles in Multiple Territories?

13 August 2018

How Do You Protect Your Vehicles in Multiple Territories?

When you operate in high-risk regions, you need to know that all of your vehicles – from passenger cars to commercial vehicles – are properly protected.

Bellwood Prestbury’s new bespoke International Motor Fleet Insurance is designed to meet the precise needs of each organisation, conveniently covering your entire fleet across multiple regions with a single policy.

Comprehensive multi-jurisdiction cover

From armoured and soft skin cars to trucks and commercial vehicles in even the harshest or most politically unstable regions, cover options include:

  • Vehicle Accident Damage or Total Loss
  • Fire & Theft
  • Terrorism Third Party Liability
  • Political Violence (for losses arising from terrorism, strikes and riots, malicious damage)
  • Terrorism Employers’ Liability.

Backed by expert support

Bellwood Prestbury takes care of all the administration, from set-up, to changes in fleet, claims or the addition of new territories.

Each policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London or with other reputable international insurers, offering quality protection with the convenience of a single point of contact for an entire fleet, anywhere in the world.

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