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Tailor-made Aviation insurance for your operation

From fleet operators, to on-site security, baggage handling and refuelling companies, if you are working in a high-risk or remote territory, tailor-made Aviation insurance is vital.

We can help to ensure that you cover all of your liabilities, including specific Hangar Keeper's insurance for damage to other peoples’ aircraft or equipment and wider Commercial General Liability cover.

Political Violence and Political Risk insurance

If you are operating in a potentially unstable political region, we can provide you with Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect you from losses due to conflict or confiscation. We can also provide Finance and Lending insurance for mortgagees on aircraft, should your debts fail to be recovered as a result of political unrest, war and terrorism.

We can also help to protect your expat and local employees with medical expenses and evacuation insurance, and protect you against costly breakdown, theft or failure of aircraft, vehicles or specialist equipment.

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