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Medical Malpractice insurance – cover for high-risk regions

Individual doctors, teams of skilled medical staff, and temporary or permanent facilities set up in remote regions or areas affected by conflict or political upheaval often find it difficult to source Medical Malpractice cover and Liability insurance.

Our high-risk Medical Liability insurance is designed to cover a broad range of practices including medical establishments, registered medical practitioners, complementary medical practitioners, corporate health providers and supplementary medical practitioners, NGOs and pharmaceutical companies operating virtually anywhere in the world (outside of the US).

Bespoke Medical Liability policies

Working direct with Lloyd’s of London and other quality insurers, we can create a package to meet all of your needs. From Medical Malpractice cover, to Third Party, Employers’ and Professional Indemnity insurance to more specific cover for clinical trials or corporate health support, we will create a policy that covers your liabilities for the timeframe you need.

We can include protection for your people for accidents, illness, medical or political evacuation, kidnap and ransom or other known threats. Plus we can extend cover to valuable medical assets and expensive equipment. Our expert team can create flexible policies that cover people in different theatres of operations, or specific policies for fixed contracts. 

We can also provide you with bespoke policies to cover overseas operations, finance and lending, or fixed investments affected by political upheaval, war or terrorism.

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