Cambodia Insurance

For anyone travelling or working in this beautiful country, Cambodia insurance is a priority. Landmines, border disputes, limited healthcare and hazardous road, water and air transport are some of the potential problems that face visitors. Be aware that standard insurance policies may not provide adequate cover.

Cambodia insurance – quick facts

  • There is some risk of street crime
  • Parts of Cambodia remain heavily affected by mines
  • International health insurance in Cambodia is strongly advised, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road, rail, air and ferry travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance and safety standards

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Potential problems in Cambodia what risks might you encounter?

Cambodia is still emerging from decades of war and the murderous regime of the Khmer Rouge. Their legacy is a countryside littered with mines and a people still largely dependent on subsistence farming. Yet despite its problems this is a beautiful land of shimmering rice paddies, ancient temples and virgin rain forest.

Visitors should be aware of potential hazards and take out appropriate levels of Cambodia insurance. With regards to unexploded ordnance, affected areas are often unmarked and you shouldn’t stray off main routes, particularly in rural regions and around temple complexes. Malaria, dengue fever and other waterborne diseases occur in Cambodia. Medical facilities are often meagre, so comprehensive Health insurance is vital along with provision for Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation.

If you are doing business here, we can help you to meet contractual obligations and protect your investments from liabilities including pollution, environmental or commercial liability and protect your business operations with Trade and Political Risk insurance.

In Phnom Penh and tourist spots, crime such as pickpocketing and bag-snatching can be a problem. A small number of shootings and bomb attacks have been reported though these are mainly due to local disputes and are not targeted at foreign nationals. Poorly maintained roads, vehicles, ferries and erratic driving can make travel risky and be advised that Cambodian registered and operated airlines do not always meet international standards.


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Advice from the FCDO

The Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in the UK regularly updates its advice to British travellers about immediate risks.