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International Employee Benefits across borders

More and more multinational companies are striving to create global benefits packages.

Why the change? For most companies it’s about ‘walking the talk’. How can you claim to be a truly global company if executives – and to some extent general workers – enjoy different benefits? There are practical considerations too. Global Employee Benefits and standardised international Group insurance benefits can be easier to administer and more cost-effective to put in place.

Making Global Benefits a reality

Bellwood Prestbury is an independent UK-based, FCA regulated global insurance specialist. We have the experience and expertise you need to create a Global Employee Benefits package, whilst achieving time and cost-savings.

International Group insurance

We manage international Group Insurance cover for numerous multinational organisations, ensuring appropriate benefits and cover for expatriate and local employees throughout the world.  We regularly conduct international insurance audits for multinational companies, helping to improve existing Group Life, Medical and Disability insurance arrangements, often improving cover and reducing overall costs.

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