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Any Albania insurance package should factor in the country’s underfunded infrastructure and healthcare system. You should also bear in mind that political demonstrations have been known to turn violent and should be avoided. There also remains a danger from unexploded mines along the Kosovo border with Albania. Insurance covering health, life, personal accident and property should be in pace before travelling.

Albania insurance – quick facts

  • There is a risk from landmines along northern border areas
  • International health insurance in Albania is advised, along with cover for emergency evacuation
  • Road travel can be hazardous due to poor maintenance and driving standards

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  • Specialist Albanian insurance – cover can provide protection for your personnel, your property, your business liabilities, vehicles and equipment
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What's it like to operate in Albania?

Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, a legacy of its years in economic and political isolation under the Stalinist regime of Enver Hoxha. Subsequently, its infrastructure, roads, and healthcare facilities are often in a poor state of repair, which can present hazards for visitors. Albania insurance is a must for anyone doing business here.

Though overall security is quite good, crime can be a problem in some areas, and a large number of weapons are in circulation. The British FCDO states that there is an underlying risk of terrorism though attacks are unlikely and foreign nationals are a not a specific target.

All travel near the Kosovo border is discouraged due to risks from unexploded mines left over from conflict of 1999. In Albania, earth tremors are a fairly regular occurrence and in winter there is a risk of severe weather.

If you have business interests here, you might like to consider Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect imports, exports, business assets and trade liabilities.

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Advice from the FCDO

The Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) in the UK regularly updates its advice to British travellers about immediate risks.