Smoother Claims and Administration

International insurance can be difficult to manage, particularly if you are dealing with lots of people, assets or liabilities over multiple territories.

We bring a rigour and attention to detail to scheme management that can make life much easier for you and your team.

Administering schemes

In one scheme, we have over 2,500 employees and their dependants split over Oman, Libya, Singapore, Europe, Dubai and Hong Kong. At any one time we have major claims, minor claims, elective treatments, people leaving, people joining and dependants in and out of territory. 

Managing this for our client to the ISO9001 standards we adhere to means they know their staff are being properly taken care of, while the insurer is under constant scrutiny from us.

Managing claims

If you need to make a claim, you will find that our relatively small, agile team are of great assistance. One person will take responsibility and you will have their direct phone number and email details. You’ll enjoy professional independent support and we’ll keep you and your employees properly informed at every stage.

Assessing value

We often find that large international schemes are wrongly assessed and billed by global providers. We can act like an extension of your team, checking invoices and ensuring that renewals or new quotes offer proper value for money.

Ask the independent experts

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