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Supporting Your Duty of Care

If you are sending people to work or live in a foreign country, particularly if it is seen as a high-risk territory, it’s vital you take adequate steps to protect them.

In order to properly look after your people and to avoid potential litigation in the aftermath of an incident, it is imperative that you have taken all necessary precautions in managing risks and providing Duty of Care to your employees.

We can look at your procedures as well as your insurance cover and give you advice on whether you are meeting the expected standards, which may include issues such as:

  • Having clearly-defined executive responsibilities 
  • Making sure insurances are adequate for the potential risks and hazards 
  • Briefing on risks before departure, from medical issues to kidnap and ransom 
  • Providing additional training where necessary – on personal security for example
  • Supporting your people and their dependants in-country for the duration of their stay

Access to experts

We have partnerships with experts in security, tropical diseases, medical evacuation, legal, accountancy and consular support and can put you in touch with relevant services as required.

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