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Kidnap insurance has become more and more essential for global employees working in dangerous, remote or high profile situations all over the world. From Afghanistan and Iraq, to Nigeria, Somalia and across South America, the threat from kidnap for ransom is escalating from occasional incidents to planned activities from well-organised groups.

We provide flexible Kidnap and Ransom insurance designed to ensure your people are properly briefed about how to avoid danger before they leave, and to provide professional negotiators and comprehensive compensation should the need arise.

As a Lloyd’s Broker, we can provide the highest quality global Kidnap insurance, backed by security consultants experienced in the region where your people are going to be deployed. We can provide cost-effective flexible policies that are only activated when your people are in danger areas. We also have the ability to create same day cover to ensure that, even at the last minute, your people can be properly protected.

Kidnap and Ransom insurance you can trust

Fast interventions from experienced negotiators are key to good outcomes. We provide robust Lloyd’s of London policies supported by specialist global security consultants that put your people in the safest possible hands from the moment they plan a trip, until they return home.

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