Product Liability Insurance

Key Features

Tailor-made product liability insurance 

International Product Liability insurance gives your supply chain partners and customers in foreign markets confidence in your goods and services and may be necessary to meet your contractual or legal obligations.

At Bellwood Prestbury, we are specialists in organising bespoke international Product Liability insurance, with particular expertise for appropriate cover in harsh environments, middle and low income countries and remote regions. 

Helping you to grow your international business

Smaller businesses often develop product solutions for their local markets where risks are easy to manage and insurance coverage is simple to arrange. Once the company considers international expansion, the different needs of particular markets can throw up new challenges within an unfamiliar legal and contractual framework.

Our global Product Liability insurance solutions can ensure that you have appropriate cover in place for each country you operate in, backed by Lloyd's of London, giving you the protection you need and providing your buyers with full confidence in your offering.

Claims support when you need it most

If something does go wrong in a foreign country, you need claims support you can trust. Your policy will pay for legal experts to help you resolve any claims and minimise reputational damage.