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Vital protection in politically unstable regions

The experience of the oil and gas sector in Venezuela is a visible reminder of the potential sudden risk to business operations that a change of government or a shifting government agenda can bring.

Political Risk insurance can protect your investment by compensating you for lost assets and revenue caused by foreign government actions out of your control. This might include confiscations, expropriation or nationalisation of the industry you are a supplier too, or a shift in territorial boundaries.

Tailor-made cover through Lloyd’s of London

As a Lloyd’s Broker, we can create tailored policies to meet a comprehensive risk profile in the territories you are operating in. 

This can include a wide range of potential risks, from export and import embargoes, to contract terminations, forced abandonment or non-payment by government entities.

We usually recommend that clients consider Political Violence and Terrorism insurance alongside Political Risk cover. We can also create bespoke policies to cover exports/imports, overseas operations, finance and lending, or fixed investments.

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