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Risk Assessments

If you are sending your people, contractors or sub-contractors to high-risk territories you have a legal obligation to ensure they are properly briefed about the potential dangers.

We work with a number of professional partner organisations who can prepare security, medical and cultural briefings for your staff before they deploy to a high-risk country.

This will be tailored to your precise operations and can include:

  • Summary or threats and trends covering potential security, political and ethnic issues 
  • Specific risk assessment for cities, regions or areas of operations
  • Vulnerabilities and security recommendations for offices and meetings
  • Transport and communication recommendations
  • Briefings on working with local partners and hiring local staff
  • Medical briefing, including dangers from disease as well as personal accident threats
  • Kidnap & Ransom briefings with advice on how to minimise the chances of becoming a target and what to do if an incident occurs

Mitigation that can save lives, time and money

As well as covering your Duty of Care requirements, a professional Risk Assessment can help your people to stay safe. It could also reduce the time wasted on the ground and help to them create more sustainable, more profitable connections for your business.

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