Mining Insurance

Protecting your mining assets, liabilities and people

  • Property and Business Interruption cover for companies, operators and contractors involved in the mining industry

  • International Liability insurance – protects your business from third party claims and can include cover for your key people and business reputation

  • Plant and Machinery insurance – provides cover for damage or total loss, which can include malicious attacks, sabotage, war and terrorism
  • Global Life and Personal Accident insurance, Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance, Kidnap insurance and other specialist high-risk coverage
  • Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect overseas operations in unstable regions

Expert mining cover for a wide range of mining operations

Mining insurance is a specialist area of cover. The potentially hazardous nature of the work, often taking place in remote areas of the world, means that your business, property, employees and contractors need specialist high-risk insurance that can be relied upon should something go wrong.

Bellwood Prestbury is an international Mining insurance expert. We have clients with large operations in gold, diamonds and tin, in remote African mine sites, and mining operations in many different areas of the world.

Mining insurance – comprehensive cover

Bellwood Prestbury can organise and administer competitive Mining insurance schemes, ensuring that your people, property and your company liabilities are properly covered, wherever they may be. We can also provide you with Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect you from losses due to conflict or confiscation and Investment insurance and Overseas Operations insurance to protect you from nationalisation or expropriation, selective discrimination, forced abandonment or forced divestiture.

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