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Overseas Operations insurance for your vital assets

If you have significant operations in regions with the potential for political unrest or terrorist insurrection, Overseas Operation insurance can provide the protection you need.

From NGOs with stockpiles of humanitarian aid, to construction and engineering firms, infrastructure and services companies, protecting assets from destruction, confiscation, loss or restricted access is essential.

As a Broker at Lloyd’s of London, Bellwood Prestbury creates flexible policies, specifically designed to cover the relevant risks for your operation, anywhere in the world. We will take time to understand the value of your assets, ensuring that each policy gives you the breadth of cover you need.

Cover for overseas assets, virtually anywhere

We work with clients in politically unstable regions throughout the world. Each A-rated policy includes crisis management support, giving you 24/7 access to experienced professionals who can advise you as political landscapes change and tensions rise.

We can also provide other relevant cover such as Import and Export, Finance and Lending and Fixed Investments insurance, to provide wider protection for all of your operations in less stable regions.