Environmental & Pollution

Key Features

International Environmental & Pollution Liability insurance for your operations

International Environmental & Pollution insurance is designed to cover the cost of clearing up and restoring the environment damaged by pollution and seepage in your foreign operations as well as providing compensation for people, organisations or properties adversely affected.

Bespoke environmental cover

Wherever you are operating, we will create bespoke international cover for the specific challenges you face. Whether you are operating in primary industries with a known risk, like oil and gas, chemical production and water treatment, or you are working in an environmentally sensitive location or close to an urban area, we will construct cover that will protect your organisation, should something go catastrophically wrong.

Meeting your ESG obligations around the world

Legislation has pushed corporate responsibility for an organisation’s environmental footprint up to Board level. Companies are now expected – and often mandated – to publicly identify and manage their environmental risks and report on their performance through environmental, social and governance (ESG) processes. Putting Environmental & Pollution insurance in place can help you to mitigate risks, and bring in experts who will assess danger areas and quantify the potential costs involved in reparations.

Managing claims

Typical claims can come from sudden and accidental events such as explosion, fire, or seepage from storage or pipelines. Faulty processes or human error in transportation can also be a problem, causing air, land or sea pollution or damage and injury to people or property nearby. Your policy will provide access to experts who will analyse the damage and organise specialists to carry out any clean-up operations and help limit reputational damage.