Maritime Security Insurance

Cover for your people, assets and liabilities

  • Professional Indemnity insurance, General Liability and Employers’ Liability cover in line with BIMCO GUARDCON requirements
  • Directors’ and Officers’ insurance (D&O) and Personal Accident insurance for employees or contractors

  • Additional cover to suit your operation, including Kidnap insurance
and Trade and Political Risk insurance

International protection in troubled waters

Maritime security became headline news following the epidemic of Somalia piracy back in 2008, which led to the shipping industry engaging specialist armed security personnel (PMSCs) to deter attacks and prevent vessels being hijacked.

As more ships benefited from protection, Somali piracy began to drop at the end of 2011.

Many PMSCs are still operating off East Africa, whereas others now concentrate in the Gulf of Guinea off West Africa, which is also a serious piracy hotspot.

if you are a security firm or a ship operator with your own security personnnel, we can help to organise professional Maritime Security insurance to meet your needs.

Maritime insurance for challenging situations

We have a great deal of experience in organising specialist Maritime Security cover for private maritime security companies (PMSCs) operating in high-risk areas. Recent assignments have included Pirate insurance to cover armed security guards protecting vessels in the Gulf of Aden and Gulf of Guinea.

As a Lloyd's Broker, we can organise bespoke Maritime insurance policies to meet your exact requirements, whilst remaining fully compliant with BIMCO insurance requirements, even in high-risk areas.

We can also create bespoke policies to include Trade and Political Risk insurance, mitigating for losses arising from insurgency or political instability and Overseas Operations insurance to compensate for the loss of any assets due to sanctions, embargoes, political unrest, war or terrorist activity. 

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