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Bespoke demining cover for companies

Demining insurance for companies involved in threat surveys, mine clearance and the removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) needs to cover the immediate hazards associated with this dangerous occupation, as well as the more general risks that accompany companies operating in high-risk territories.

Comprehensive Demining insurance

Our policies can cover unexploded ordnance or landmine clearance including post-conflict zones like Afghanistan or parts of Africa, as well as clear up operations, anywhere in the world. Cover can include specialist Demining Liability insurance, cover for company assets and equipment and cover for your personnel. This can include front-line operatives involved in locating mines and/or UXO in known mined or hazardous areas as well as support staff who do not enter hazardous areas nor handle explosive/ordnance.

We can also provide you with Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect you from losses due to conflict or confiscation, and bespoke policies to cover overseas operations or fixed investments.

Bespoke insurance for landmine clearance or UXO work

As a Lloyd’s Broker, Bellwood Prestbury can organise bespoke cover for your landmine clearance or unexploded ordnance work, creating a policy to meet the precise needs of a specific project, or creating a flexible policy that enables you to add or remove personnel, as you work on new contracts around the world.

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