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Finance and lending insurance to protect overseas investments and trade

If you are financing operations in less stable overseas regions, Finance and Lending insurance can protect your investments from lost returns due to political or social instability.

Bellwood Prestbury is an expert in helping banks and financial institutions, funds and private family offices to protect overseas investments. We also arrange cover for trade finance, ensuring that investments in goods and services are protected, should Letters of Credit, Bonds and Guarantees not be honoured due to political risks.

These policies also extend to project finance for assets or infrastructure and insurance for lessors of major plant and equipment and mortgagees on ships and aircrafts, covering losses should debts fail to be recovered as a result of political unrest, war and terrorism.

Flexible policies, bespoke to you

Each finance and lending A-rated insurance policy is bespoke, specifically created to meet your precise risk profile and contractual needs, underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, or in international company markets.

We can also provide other relevant cover such as Import and Export, Overseas Operations and Fixed Investments insurance, to provide wider protection for all of your operations in less stable regions.