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Performance Bonds to cover your contractual obligations

When you work in high-risk or developing nations, principals may request a Bond under contract obligations. Traditional bank guarantees requiring 100% cash collateral impinge cash-flow; an insurance Bond underwritten by an A-rated carrier offers a viable alternative.

As a Lloyd’s Broker specialising in high-risk, politically unstable and remote territories, we have access to leading international Performance Bond underwriters.

From roads and highways, to waste and water management, power, telecoms and public building, we can review your Bond requirements and help you to meet contractual requirements.

Tendering service to help you meet your obligations

If you are considering tendering for overseas projects and need independent expertise to help you ensure you are budgeting correctly for required coverage, our tendering service may be of interest.

We can also provide you with Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect you from losses due to conflict or confiscation and Investment insurance to protect your overseas investments from nationalisation or expropriation, selective discrimination, forced abandonment or forced divestiture.

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