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Meeting your Employer’s Liability around the world

International Employers’ Liability insurance protects your organisation against negligence claims should an employee suffer injury, accident, sickness or death as a result of their work. Bellwood Prestbury can ensure you have proper cover in place for any nationality of employee, working virtually anywhere in the world.

Employers’ Liability insurance is often a minimum requirement for doing business in many countries, but international assignments can be more complex. You may only need a relatively small Employers’ Liability cover for certain countries, but if an expatriate makes a claim in their own country, you may find that you do not have adequate cover.

Freelance or independent contractors may also need to be covered by your organisation’s Employers’ Liability policy. Many courts might argue that a security guard working on board ship in the Gulf of Aden, or a demining contractor in Cambodia is not available for work while on contract with you. Any accident, injury or sickness incurred whilst on contract with you might require you to compensate the contractor or his or her family.

Bespoke international Employers’ Liability insurance

We can help to make sure that you have the Employers’ Liability cover you need for your international operations, helping you to meet legislative, contractual and good practice obligations to anyone working on your projects. We can arrange Employers’ Liability policies to include risks from war or terrorism, providing you with robust cover in even the harshest environments.

We can also provide you with Trade and Political Risk insurance to protect you from losses due to conflict or confiscation, and bespoke policies to cover exports/imports, overseas operations, finance and lending, or fixed investments.

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