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ISO 9001 - Why does it matter?

15 April 2019

ISO 9001 - Why does it matter?

Why is it so important?

Grant Strelling, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at British Assessment Bureau explains that ISO 9001 certification is a sign of quality, recognised around the world.

“Essentially any organisation that has an ISO 9001 certificate has allowed their quality management system to be audited to the highest standards by an independent third party expert. If you deal with an organisation with a UKAS accredited ISO 9001 certificate you know that it is fully committed to quality at every part of its product or service delivery.”

Alan Thompson, the Director at Bellwood Prestbury responsible for the firm’s ISO accreditation, says it’s an important part of the service they bring to clients:

“When you trust the protection of your people, assets or reputation to us, you have the right to expect everything is done to the highest standard. Achieving ISO 9001 ensures we do that. Annual inspections mean that we keep those standards up.

“If a client needs to make a claim, change their cover or bid for a new contract, we know that all of our systems are set up to make that happen precisely, quickly and efficiently. That allows everyone, from the client through to Lloyd’s or an insurance company, to be confident that proper cover is in place.”

Grant Strelling, is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at British Assessment Bureau, which helps companies
to achieve ISO 9001 status.

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