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International Motor Fleet Insurance

Key features

Comprehensive global high-risk cover with a single policy

Our International Motor Fleet insurance provides proper protection for all of your armoured and soft-skin cars and your commercial vehicles, in even the harshest or most politically unstable regions.

Unlike local policies with different coverage, volatile currencies and a long list of exclusions relevant to each jurisdiction, our policy provides the same quality protection, wherever you are operating. Everything you need to get back to work after accident, theft, or political violence.

Cover for a wide range of vehicles

Cover will extend to armoured cars in places like Afghanistan, Iraq or Somalia. We can cover ordinary passenger cars in countries with hazardous roads or poor road safety records. Your policy could include fleets of trucks working in politically unstable areas or with valuable or politically sensitive loads.

We can also cover high-value or hard-to-replace construction vehicles in remote areas and operationally critical vehicles such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for mine clearance.

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