Why Choose a Private Expat Plan instead of a Local Plan

18 February 2016

Local (or sometimes referred to as State) health Insurance can be very different to what most Expatriates are used to and can be of limited service for internationally mobile citizens. Many local plans offer less in terms of medical services than what is covered under a private plan. 

For example, it is unlikely you will be covered for medical evacuation benefits under a local health plan. Just like you would compare international health plans to pick the best coverage, review and compare your expatriate insurance plan to the local plan offered in the country where you will be located.

Local plans generally only cover you in your host country or region. For an expatriate who travels for business or returns home throughout the year, benefits stop at the border. When covered under a local plan you may not have access to the leading private facilities or specialists. Private plans also offer 24/7 medical assistance (to find a doctor or facility), translation services (help with communicating with local healthcare providers), repatriation, etc. Finally, most private providers offer optional riders for dental and vision.

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