Valid Middle East insurance?

21 March 2011

With the current political turmoil in the Middle East, insurance is becoming more complex, with standard policies no longer valid in some countries. 

Most standard Middle East insurance offering health, life, accident or travel cover will carry a clause that invalidates the policy if the holder travels against the advice of the government. In the UK, that’s the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), in Ireland it’s the Department for Foreign Affairs (DFA) and in the US, it’s the Department of State

The current troubles in the Middle East and North Africa have resulted in new government travel warnings, including advice ‘against all travel’ or ‘against all but essential travel’ in a number of countries previously deemed safe, invalidating standard policies. 

Bellwood Prestbury can organise Middle East insurance or global cover that does not exclude war, terrorism or riots, and will remain valid no matter how the situation develops.

These specialist policies are a lifeline for many business people who feel that the situation is not bad enough to deter their trip, but still want cover. Stuart Dix, one of Bellwood Prestbury’s international insurance experts, says that the company has been asked to provide policies for a numerous companies with employees who have decided to travel to Middle Eastern and North African countries, despite the warnings.

“Even with ongoing confrontations, many business people still want to make their journeys, particularly where there are big contracts at stake. For this reason we have been arranging specialist policies with Lloyd’s, London and other insurers that provide full cover even in full-scale uprisings.”

Anyone thinking of travelling should check policies carefully, because the ramifications are very serious, If for example an international medical insurance policy is invalidated by government travel warnings, that means the policyholder is no longer covered for ordinary medical treatment like a road traffic accident or appendicitis that may occur hundreds of miles form any trouble spots, as well as any injury or delays directly related to any violence.

Bellwood Prestbury is happy to advise on existing company policies. Simply call our team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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