Turkmenistan Insurance – cover for expatriate oil and gas workers

21 December 2010

Specialist Turkmenistan insurance is strongly advised for those planning to work in the country’s fast developing oil and gas industries.

Poor medical facilities, hazardous roads and potential earthquakes are among the risks that oil and gas workers in Turkmenistan may be faced with – in addition to the normal risks associated with hazardous work in remote locations.

Turkmenistan has the world's fourth-largest reserves of natural gas and substantial oil resources. It shares borders with Afghanistan and Iran to the south and with Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan to the north. Although it has a coastline with the Caspian Sea, the country is 80% desert and is one of the most arid places on earth.

Medical evac and repatriation insurance
By western standards, medical care is extremely poor in Turkmenistan. Insurance for anyone travelling or working here should include emergency medical evacuation insurance and repatriation cover as well as comprehensive international health cover.

A package of cover for oil and gas workers in Turkmenistan
Many westerners travelling to Turkmenistan are involved in the oil and gas industry. Bellwood Prestbury can organise oil and gas insurance for companies or individuals, creating a package of cover to suit your precise needs. In addition to medical cover, this might include specialist global life and accident insurance for extended residency in Turkmenistan, and specialist international travel insurance. In some instances, kidnap insurance may also be considered relevant.

To find our more details about Turkmenistan insurance, talk with our team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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