Top 10 Tips when looking for the right international health insurance

21 September 2015

1. Area of Cover

Ensure the area of cover you are looking for not only covers the region you are in, but any other area you are likely to visit, be it for temporary business or pleasure.

2. Underwriting terms

Make sure the underwriting terms of the plan meet your requirements. Some insurers may exclude all pre-existing conditions, no matter when they occurred. 

3. Cancer treatment

Find out how long Cancer treatment is covered for. Some insurers will only cover this for a maximum of 5 years, whereas others offer cover whilst your policy remains in force. 

4. Excess payments

Ask whether there is an excess applied to your policy. This will be the amount you have to pay each time you claim for a condition. Those apparently modest deductions soon add up.

5. Relevant benefits

Make sure you are not paying for benefits that are not relevant. Question whether you would actually need some of the benefits you are being charged for. 

6. Assistance providers

Find out who the assistance partner is. These will be the people who you first contact in an emergency, and can arrange for guarantees of payments to be made with the hospitals.

7. Underwriters

Find out who underwrites the plan. These are the people who will be paying out your claims so ensure they are financially secure.

8. Adequate cover

Try to gauge how much coverage you may need. For example, you are moving to a country where there is no state health system, you will end up picking up all your medical treatment costs.

9. Family cover

Remember that your family can also be added to cover, so make sure the benefits cover all eventualities for a “whole” family.

10. Price

With international medical insurance, price is based on the cover you opt for. The more cover you need – especially if you are insuring more than one person – the higher the premium

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