Should you buy International Health Insurance before you move abroad?

19 May 2016

To put it simply, yes! It is essential to get your health insurance in place before you move overseas so that you know you will be covered from the moment you arrive in your new adopted country. 

Typical examples of those that should seriously consider health are as follows:

  • Workers leaving for employment overseas who need medical coverage until they can qualify as a legal resident and be a part of a national health care system.
  • Families, couples, and individuals travelling outside their health insurance network who want the secondary coverage so they won't have to pay a huge medical emergency bill often including evacuation costs.
  • Business travellers who don't have to pay for the cost of their trip but know their health insurance doesn't extend to their destination.
  • International students who need coverage for injuries or illnesses while they are abroad.
  • Missionary or volunteer travellers who are not concerned about getting their trip costs refunded, but know they need coverage for medical emergencies and evacuations.

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