Qatar Situation Update

13 June 2017

Following the announcement that several Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE) in addition to Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Maldives have severed diplomatic ties with Qatar, transportation to and from these countries have been closed (air, sea and road), with the UAE requiring Qatari citizens to leave the Emirate within 14 days. 

The reason for the action was an allegation that Qatar supports Islamist extremist groups and is destabilising the region. Qatar has denounced the measures as unjustified and has denied the allegations levelled against it. Several travel and diplomatic consequences of the development have already been reported. Several airlines have announced the suspension of flights to and from Qatar. 

Anyone in the region or transiting the region, particularly Qatar, are advised to monitor local developments closely in conjunction with their travel or security provider. For those travelling to, from or through Qatar via air, sea or land over the near-term they are advised to contact their travel provider or their relevant transport provider for an update on the status of their scheduled transport service(s). Business operations in Qatar which employ nationals of agitating states or businesses in the region who employ Qatar nationals should seek expert legal advice. 

Bellwood Prestbury and its partners are continuing to monitor the situation across the region and will keep you informed of any further developments or action plans.

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