Political risk and what an international company can do to minimise its exposure

8 September 2015

For many multinational companies the rise in political instability brings with it the possibility of business interruption and the loss of valuable income creating uncertainty to parts of their global operations which were previously safe. Countries that were once stable are no longer immune, and, as a result, international businesses are looking to protect their people, property, and their ability to trade against the risks of civil disturbance and political violence. 

If your company is operating in high-risk regions and developing areas such as the Middle East and Africa, you should consider carrying specialist political violence and political risk insurance, particularly as some traditional property and liability insurers are reluctant to offer adequate cover. Furthermore, for companies raising finance, investors and banks may apply more rigorous requirements and ask for insurance as security.

Peter Bellwood, Managing Director at Bellwood Prestbury comments: “We have seen a noticeable increase in demand for political violence and political risk insurance policies due to well publicised attacks being carried out in shopping malls, construction projects, refineries and manufacturing facilities. In today's ever changing and challenging political climate, we can help organise comprehensive global insurance which will protect you in the event of your property being damaged or destroyed, and your business being interrupted as a result of political violence.”

Complimentary assessment of your existing insurance coverage

As an independent expert in international insurance, Bellwood Prestbury is ideally placed to help you to assess the value of your existing international insurance programme. 

Our fully confidential, no obligation audit will determine how well you are covered and if there are any weaknesses or gaps in your current programme. We’ll also check your insurance will cover you for a non-standard incident, such as a riot, strike or terrorist attack.

For more information, please contact our experienced team on: +44 (0) 207 305 5650

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