Personal accident insurance – from trauma teams in Kabul to a tattoo artist in Basra.

5 April 2011

Bellwood Prestbury’s new Coverholder status is enabling the company to write more international personal accident insurance for people working in some of the most dangerous places on the planet.

From a Group Personal Accident Insurance policy to cover an NHS psychiatric trauma team training hospital staff in Kabul, to individual cover for a tattoo artist travelling to Basra to provide tattoos for troops stationed there, Bellwood Prestbury caters for a wide range of requirements.

Coral Parfitt, international insurance expert at Bellwood Prestbury, explains: “Our international personal accident insurance is valid in war zones, for people working in hazardous environments or risky occupations. We write bespoke policies to meet clients’ specific requirements. Our policies usually include international medical and evacuation cover and international life cover. They can also include dismemberment or disability insurance, and can cover a specific trip or provide cover over a period of a year or more.”

Since Bellwood Prestbury became a Lloyd’s Coverholder in January 2011, the company has provided international personal accident cover for groups and individuals, including:
• A team of geologists advising the Turkish government on mining work in Turkey, working underground in dangerous conditions that standard insurance would not cover
• Charity workers in Afghanistan
• A team of electricians working on a plant in Nigeria, in an area known for terrorist and kidnap activity
• A company involved in quality food auditing, working at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan
• An architect working in Israel
• A hydrologist working on contract in a remote region of Pakistan
• A war artist working on location in Afghanistan

Coral explains she can organise cover almost immediately, even in the most complex cases. “Our new Lloyd’s Coverholder status means that we can create bespoke policies ourselves, without having to get policies checked at Lloyd’s. We had one client ring us on the way to the airport. He thought the UN was providing cover for his trip and had only been informed at the last minute that full insurance was his responsibility. We had full international personal accident insurance in place before he got on the plane.”

Bellwood Prestbury can cover individuals and groups working anywhere in the world. The company can write global personal accident insurance to cover someone involved in a high risk occupation travelling to different countries, like mining consultants or military IT consultants for example, or can create policies around specific activity in a single country.

If you need international personal accident insurance to cover a dangerous occupation or high risk country, please do get in touch with Coral and her team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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