One in 10 travellers with a pre-existing medical condition are running the risk of invalidating their travel insurance

21 July 2016

Analysis found nearly half (45%) of UK holidaymakers have a pre-existing medical condition that they are required to declare to their travel insurance provider, but only 85% actually comply and found that they could face minimum bills of £3,500 in the event they need to make a claim while abroad. This is 70 times the original cost of an average premium for travellers with a pre-existing medical condition.  

And for those who did not inform their insurer of their pre-existing medical conditions, a third (33%) did not declare in order to get a cheaper policy. 

A fifth (20%) blamed the fact their insurer did not ask them and almost half (45%) claimed their condition had not caused them any issues lately. 

A further third (29%) did not know they needed to tell their insurer.

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