Medical Insurance Created for Africa

12 August 2015

A new international medical insurance plan has been launched for businesses with globally mobile, local and third-country national (TCN) staff living and working in Africa.

Offering a comprehensive range of five different core plans spanning five regions of cover, Dental & Vision and/or Medical Evacuation & Repatriation benefits may also be added to each plan.

Unlike many international plans, you now have the option to restrict treatment to Africa and the Sub-Continent (region 1 & 2), which can help to reduce your overall medial insurance costs, whilst still retaining exceptional cover benefits.

  Region 1 – Africa 

  Region 2 – Africa (including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh) 

  Region 3 – Europe (including Africa) 

  Region 4 – Worldwide excluding US, Canada & Caribbean 

  Region 5 – Worldwide 

Regardless of which core plan is chosen for your employees, the African Plan includes in-patient and outpatient treatment, HIV/AIDS treatment, vaccinations/preventive medication (e.g. against malaria), pregnancy & childbirth and cancer treatment.

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