Living in Dubai. What you need to remember when it comes to being ill

6 August 2015

Over the past decade, Dubai has become internationally recognised as amongst the best in the world for its healthcare facilities. But as with many good things in life, it comes at a cost and something that few people can afford to fund out of their own pockets.

Public healthcare facilities in Dubai are generally of a good standard and the emirate's public healthcare system is better than most found in the region and indeed across the rest of the world. 

In 2007 the emirate created the Dubai Health Authority or DHA, to oversee both private and public healthcare facilities. So for those expatriates who do not have medical insurance, there is always the fall back position of being able to apply for a health card from the UAE's Ministry of Health (MOH) that will allow you to receive care at a public facility. 

While emergency care will be given regardless of whether you are a UAE citizen or a foreign national, it is not always easy for foreign nationals to receive regular or scheduled care at public state facilities. Those with private insurance are expected to receive care at private facilities and may be turned away from public facilities outright.

This year new legislation came into play, meaning that anyone now moving to Dubai will no longer be able to take advantage of the UAE’s public healthcare facilities but instead must take out private medical insurance to pay for their treatment. And to make sure that everyone does so, the Authorities require you to prove that you have valid medical insurance in force in order to apply for a residency visa.

Given the fundamental change to Dubai's healthcare system, it is very important to research thoroughly, compare the various health insurance plans suitable for Dubai and invest in a quality expatriate health insurance plan so that you are able to receive not only the medical treatment that you need but when you want it.

Dubai has a growing network of private hospitals and clinics, and amongst the many private facilities popping up across the emirate, Dubai Healthcare City also known as DHCC, is one of the prominent leaders. DHCC offers international-standard advanced private healthcare that also provides healthcare training. But, again, this all comes at a price, and with the cost of treatment in Dubai now amongst the highest in the world, the importance of getting the right health insurance has never been more crucial.

So if you are getting ready to move to Dubai or are already there, it's important that you have the proper health insurance in place. Costs for even the basic healthcare can quickly add up, especially in the event of an emergency.

There is of course any number of health insurance products to choose from. From a very basic cover that meets the minimum requirements of the DHA, to more comprehensive plans that allow you to receive the finest medical treatment anywhere in the world - but which one is right for you?

One way to make sure that you getting the right cover at the right price is to speak with Bellwood Prestbury. We can provide advice and recommendations about what kind of insurance is most suitable for you, your family and your business. 

Our extensive experience and on the ground knowledge helps us to help you make the right decision. It’s all too easy to wait until ‘something happens’ by which time the cost of cover will become more expensive and more difficult to source.

For more information, please contact our experienced team on: +44 (0) 207 305 5650.

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