Kyrgyzstan insurance – cover for a new market

21 December 2010

Whilst the large mineral reserves of coal, gas and uranium are attracting growing interest from western companies, it’s important to be aware of the risks: specialist Kyrgyzstan insurance is essential for anyone working or making an extended visit there.
Kyrgyzstan is probably the poorest and least developed of the Turkic states. Its economy is mainly agricultural at present, and the country is constantly engulfed in strife and political turmoil. Several countries are advising foreigners not to travel here at this time.

Whilst the political situation has calmed down since the protests of April 2010, foreigners are advised to exercise caution, particularly in the capital Bishkek, and to be aware of any developments. They are also urged to avoid the Oblasts (Provinces) of Osh and Jalal-Abad, where a State of Emergency and curfew are currently in place.

For any one working or travelling in Kyrgyzstan, insurance should include cover for global life and accident insurance, emergency medical evacuation and specialist international travel insurance. Due to the country’s proximity to hostile and unstable territories, visitors may wish to investigate kidnap insurance too.

Medical evacuation and repatriation cover is particularly essential for travellers in Kyrgyzstan, along with comprehensive, quality international health insurance. The public health system has not really changed since the Soviet days and private health care, even in the capital Bishkek is virtually non-existent.
Being very underdeveloped, Kyrgyzstan is liable to be badly affected by disease, which can often reach epidemic levels – in recent years major measles outbreaks have resulted in many deaths.

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