Kazakhstan insurance – medical evacuation top of the list

22 November 2010

Kazakhstan insurance needs to be carefully chosen to give expatriates proper protection. Medical evacuation cover is a must.

Kazakhstan, the world’s ninth largest country, has vast mineral wealth. According to some estimates, Kazakhstan has the second largest uranium, chromium, lead, and zinc reserves in the world. It is also an exporter of diamonds. Perhaps most significant for economic development, Kazakhstan also currently has the eleventh largest proven reserves of both oil and natural gas. All of this is attracting global oil, gas and mining professionals.

If you or your company are thinking of joining the steady flow of expatriates into the capital Astana, the largest city, Almaty, or the remote mining, oil and gas territories, you must make sure you have adequate international insurance before you travel.

Medical insurance in Kazakhstan
Quality western medical care is generally not available in Kazakhstan. The best recommendation is for anyone seeking medical treatment to be stabilised and then medically evacuated. Almaty and Astana have small clinics run by International SOS that will offer immediate care and stabilization. However, even here treatment is very limited. Even if you are simply working in the emerging financial services industry in the capital, specialist medical evacuation as part of your Kazakhstan insurance provision is highly recommended.

Other cover
Many international companies and expatriates arranging cover through Bellwood Prestbury also opt for international life insurance, personal accident insurance and international travel insurance, all with specified cover for Kazakhstan

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