Iraq elections – are you safe?

28 April 2014

Iraq goes to the polls on Wednesday 30th April in its first general election since US troops withdrew in 2011. Bloody violence and political unrest have been on the increase in the months running up to this date with reports of over 28,000 people being killed in sectarian attacks.

In the light of Iraq’s highly unstable security situation, anyone considering travelling here should seek specialist Iraq insurance advice. Be aware that, given the country’s ‘extreme’ insurance risk rating, standard travel insurance will be invalid.

The security situation seems unlikely to improve in the immediate days and weeks after the election and current Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice is that there is a high threat of terrorism and kidnapping.

Bellwood Prestbury have long experience in providing specialist Iraq insurance for organisations and individuals working across the country. Our policies remain valid in the face of a deteriorating security situation, including the event of war or terrorism. 

As well as medical cover, evacuation and personal accident insurance many of our clients also carry kidnap and ransom insurance. Many of our business clients also rely on our specialist business asset and liability cover. 

For more information visit our Iraq insurance advice page today.

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