Insane number of claims in Spain

12 April 2017

A recent survey has found that a quarter (150,000) of all travel insurance claims made by UK holidaymakers last year were claims for holidays in Spain. This amounts to more than 400 individual claims every day, and totals over £75 million; almost three times more than the US and France.

The US was the second-most-common location for UK holidaymakers to make a claim, followed by France, Italy and Greece. The survey commented that “It is not surprising to see tourist hotspots such as Spain, the US, France and Greece appearing as the most popular destinations, and shows that holidaymakers are just as likely to fall unwell, lose baggage or need to cancel their holiday,”.

The survey stated that 12 per cent of the claims made last year exceeded £1,000, which it believes reveals the extent to which travel costs can spiral if disaster strikes on holiday.

The most common reason for making a claim was found to be cancellation, which accounted for nearly 40 per cent of all claims. At 25 per cent, outpatient medical incident was the second most common reason, followed by accidental loss of baggage at seven per cent.

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