Indonesia insurance – include cover against natural disaster and terrorism

21 January 2011

The potential for natural disaster and terrorism needs to be factored in when choosing Indonesia insurance. The country’s 17,500 islands sit on the seismic ‘Ring of Fire’ where the tectonic plates of three continents meet and regularly collide. Political, religious and ethnic tensions can also erupt due to the huge diversity of its 238 million people.

Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest country and also has the world’s largest Islamic population. There is no such thing as a typical Indonesian, with its citizens ranging from elite urbanites to rural hunter-gatherers. Across its archipelago 300 local languages are spoken. Its economy is the largest in South East Asia, attracting many foreign nationals to work in the thriving industries of finance, manufacturing, oil, gas, mining and agriculture. Anyone going to live, work or travel in this huge and multi-faceted country needs to tailor their insurance cover to the region they are visiting.

Indonesia insurance should always include comprehensive international medical insurance. Medical care varies vastly, from expensive and state-of-the-art health clinics in Jakarta to non-existent support on the remotest islands. Emergency medical evacuation and repatriation insurance would be a wise precaution if you are visiting or working anywhere off the beaten track.

Across the years, Indonesia has been the site of some of the world’s most catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Today there are over 150 active volcanoes, and seismic events remain a regular and often tragic occurrence. Who can forget the Boxing Day tsunami of 2004? In the last few months over 700 people were lost when a tsunami hit the Mentawi islands, and on Java 322 people were killed and 47,000 displaced when Mount Merapi erupted. Currently volcanologists are concerned about the heightened activity of Mount Bromo and are urging both locals and travellers to stay away.

Bellwood Prestbury can arrange specialist Indonesia insurance that will protect you should you find yourself caught up in such an event. Global life and accident insurance and comprehensive travel and medical cover need to be robust and carefully selected.

Militant Islamic groups are known to be active throughout Indonesia. A group thought to be linked to al-Qaeda was blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people, and there have been numerous attacks since then. The British Foreign office describes the threat of terrorist attack as high, particularly for western nationals. With a view to this, kidnap insurance can be arranged as part of your Indonesia insurance package.

To find out more about Indonesia insurance or cover for other high risk countries, call our knowledgeable team on +44 (0) 1242 584 558.

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