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25 September 2017

Who decides if and when to scramble an air ambulance? What’s the biggest single factor that affects people getting malaria? What’s your legal risk if you use fixers abroad? Are your people more at risk of a road traffic accident in Nigeria, Kazakhstan or Laos?

You’ll find these questions and many others addressed in the latest copy of IN magazine from Bellwood Prestbury.  

Who decides when to launch an air ambulance rescue?

In this issue, you’ll find a fascinating interview with Dr Finn Morgan, Group Medical Director of Healix International, the man who may decide how, when – and crucially if – an air ambulance is scrambled to get your people out of a medical emergency abroad.

Malaria – are your people properly protected?

Did you know that most people who get malaria do so because they simply don't follow the instructions on their tablets? We look at malaria and your duty of care. 

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There’s also a practical guide to your potential legal liabilities abroad, a focus on Oil & Gas and a fun quiz on page 14: why not give that a try to see how much you know about risks abroad… 

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