How Much Expats Pay For Private Healthcare

8 August 2016

In a snapshot of cover available in 95 countries, the most expensive private health care is not surprisingly the USA, where the average policy costs around $8,848 a year for an adult. For someone past retirement age, this figure increases to US$17,524 and upwards.

The cheapest is in Mali, Africa where the same cover as provided in the USA is less than half the price at around $3,668 for an adult and $8,815 for a retiree, with the cost of private medical cover in Dubai rising faster than almost anywhere else in the world.

Besides the USA and UAE topping the rankings, the other most expensive countries for private healthcare included China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Canada with the five cheapest places being Madagascar, Poland, Ethiopia, Angola and Mali, which were around 54% less expensive than the USA.

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