High-risk Libya insurance – specialist cover strongly advised

31 July 2014

The political and military instability that has plagued Libya since the fall of Colonel Gadhafi in 2011 seems to be deepening into full-blown civil war. 

In the last two weeks intense fighting between rival militias has killed 55 people in Benghazi, while in the capital, Tripoli, rocket and artillery fire have killed 94 and injured 500. 

Libya’s main airport has been wrecked and dozens of planes lie burnt and destroyed on the tarmac. Now the country’s largest fuel depot is blazing out of control and the Libyan government is appealing for international help.

This spiralling descent into violence has caused many countries, including the UK, the US, Germany and France, to evacuate their diplomatic staff and advise their nationals to leave the country forthwith. Current UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advice is against ALL travel to Libya.

In the light of this advice, any foreign national planning to stay or travel to Libya should be aware that standard travel insurance will be invalid and high-risk specialist insurance will be required.

Bellwood Prestbury have long experience in providing comprehensive international insurance to those working in some of the world’s most dangerous countries and industries. 

While the growing violence in Libya may make cover more complicated, we are currently still able to offer specialist Libya insurance. This can include political evacuation and repatriation cover, as well as life, personal accident and medical evacuation insurance, all designed to remain effective in the event of war or terrorism. Policies can be tailored to specific company or individual needs.

If you need Libya insurance, please contact our experts so we can make sure you have the cover you need.

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