High-risk liability insurance in Africa

26 January 2015

High-risk liability insurance is a central consideration for any business operating in hostile or remote regions of Africa. Specialist liability insurance is often essential for contractual obligations, as well providing vital protection for your people, your liabilities and your assets – even in the most extreme situations. 

However, securing the right type and level of high-risk insurance can prove challenging, even for some of the world’s leading international insurance companies.

Recently a British fire safety training company won a major contract to deliver training and services at a gold mine in the Mauritanian Sahara, West Africa. The training would cover all aspects of fire safety from fire extinguisher maintenance to responding to an air accident at the aerodrome.

Their contractual obligations included liability insurance and they were assured by their usual insurance company (a major global provider), that cover would not be a problem. However the day before the contact was due to be signed, the insurer pulled out, because the venture was deemed too high risk.

Specialist business liability insurance at the same rate

Fortunately the fire safety company turned to us. As a specialist in high-risk liability insurance for Africa and other remote or dangerous regions, we are set up to provide this kind of service. 

Within 24 hours, we were able to secure the cover they needed to protect their people, assets and liabilities, so they could meet the terms of their contract.  And we were able to provide cover within the financial parameters the client had allowed in their tender.

The bespoke package included Professional Indemnity, Employers’ Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Auto Liability Insurance. With this in place the contract was secured and signed on time.

Bellwood Prestbury represents all types clients tendering for work across Africa, including in those regions where there is a high risk of war and terrorism. We provide high-risk insurance to companies across a broad range of industries and occupations, from NGOs and logistics operators, to private security firms and oil and gas multinationals

If you need specialist liability insurance in Africa, please contact us. We can put together a competitively priced bespoke package of cover that will allow you to tender accurately, and protect your business, your people and your assets, when you win the contract.

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